Extension Warehouse Request

Hi, I would like to be able to cancel the SketchUp extension review process. Right now I have an extension In Queue, but I would like it to be back as a Draft to fix mistakes in code. I forgot to require some dependencies and did not test my submission thoroughly.

I understand this is my fault and the Extension Warehouse does warn you about making sure the code is correct before hitting the publish button. But, it would be nice if I could cancel so I can fix my code and republish it. This will also save time for the Extensibility team member verifying the code.

I will try to be more careful next time, but mistakes happen to the best of us.

Rafael Rivera

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It looks like I could deny the extension, would that solve the problem?

I went ahead and did that, hopefully you can now fix things and resubmit.

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Thank you @colin for helping out!