Is there a way to contact directly The Extension Warehouse Team?

My extension has been denied but I can’t explain anything to the extension reviewer because the message was sent by a no-reply account.
I have attached models to test the extension and a youtube video showing how it works. In addition, some colleagues have tried the extension with any problem.
It would be easier if I can explain myself in a different way.


try this:

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Thanks Rafael, I’ll try.

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Pretty unusual to have two Rafaels in one topic!

What is the name of the extension?


I found the extension, and your demo YouTube video and sample files links. I will check with the EW team to make sure they knew about the video and example files.

Thanks @colin I appreciate it very much.

Hi @colin , were you able to check the extension?

I emailed the right people, and none of them replied! I will direct message them in the morning.

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Thanks again!

Found out that the reviewer of your extension is on leave currently. I had a chance to explain the situation to the team manager. Hope he can do something about it!

I hope too! Thanks @colin

Hi Rafa, I can take a look at this on Monday. I’ve got the files for testing and the youtube video link. Thanks!


Great! Thank you very much. I really enjoyed attending today’s meeting. It was my first time. I hope to be able to attend some more.

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Following up via email.

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@ChrisFullmer I replied to your email but have not received a reply from you.