Extension Warehouse Trial Button

Is there any way I can edit my extension’s Extension Warehouse page to have a trial download. I put 5 days into the trial period but the download button has not appeared. I am only noticing this now. The extension is up a few months.

Are you seeing this in the embedded Extension Warehouse, or in the web browser? Extension Warehouse only allows trials from within SketchUp.

In both. I think I may have missed ticking a box on the webform. I filled in the number of days but I now I see a tick box for trials. The trouble is I can’t just edit the page, I seem to have to completely resubmit the extension even though the extension itself is not changed.

Does it work to resubmit the extension for review with the checkbox set?

I’d like to avoid having to do that. Maybe I have to. It can take a long time for that to be approved. And there is no need. I’m not changing the code.

I agree a review shouldn’t be needed, but it seems this is the way EW has been designed. Sadly there hasn’t been much resources put into maintaining or improving it, so currently we have to work around annoyances like this.

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Yes. It is mad that you have to review to change a simple thing like a Trial button. I would put that on a wishlist for change if I knew how.

Thank you for your help!

I just resubmitted my extension for review. But then I realised why I hadn’t ticked the trial button. It doesn’t work. You can click on it forever but it doesn’t show a tick. In the reviewer notes, I simply asked the reviewer if s/he could please ensure a trial option is available on my page. I said that the code is unchanged since the successful review in July 2021. I also mentioned the broken trial button.

Thanks again!

I’m afraid the reviewer has no power to change extension properties.

For your information, while Extension Warehouse from the outside appears to be an extensibility service, the way the company is organized, it is maintained by another team. The same web developers who work on 3D Warehouse also work on Extension Warehouse, not the team that works on the APIs, support extension developers or make the reviews. On Extension Warehouse we are just (frustrated) users like anyone else.

I’ll forward this to the Extension Warehouse team.


Thank you soo much. I really appreciate you doing that.