Problems Pushing an Update for my Extension

Hi all,

I have created an extension in the past, gotten it reviewed by the SketchUp team, and then put live on the Extension Warehouse. I recently developed a new updated version and was trying to push the update. In the Extension Warehouse I updated the documentation, version number, and RBZ file, but when I preview the update the version number and RBZ files do not show up as being updated.

I thought maybe since the RBZ would have to be reviewed again it might not show on the preview so I submitted the update. The next day I got an email saying that it was approved and is live on the warehouse. When I checked, there was no update and the RBZ was the same as the original version of the extension (same file size and revision date). The version number also did not change.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there any special way to make sure my updated RBZ and version number are used? Any help would be appreciated.

When updating an extension it should be added to the review queue and changes go live in a few days once it’s been approved. No one quite knows what EW is up to though. It’s a mysterious entity.


So I got an email back saying that my extension had been reviewed and put live. The text in my description updated, but the .rbz file and version number on the extension page did not update with what I provided. Is there any reason these would have been left out of the update?

I can’t tell why just the extension info was updated. I’d try submitting it again.

Thanks, I resubmitted it and now the status says “Published (Pending Changes).” Do you know if this means that they have sent me feedback (which I can’t find in my email) and I need to make some changes? Or is this pending changes on their side of things? I know that the Extension Warehouse is mysterious and not much is known about the process of updating extensions, but I am not sure what I can do at this point except to keep resubmitting it. And for all I know, that might make it take longer. Thank you for any help.

I think “changes” refer to the changes you’ve made to an existing extension, not one specific phase of the review process.

In theory you should get an email minutes after submitting the extension saying it’s in the review queue, and a few days later either get an email sailing it failed the review for whatever reason, or that it has been published. However, the last few months the submission confirmation email seems to be sent out at the same time as the review result.

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I was able to get it to work out. I ended up re-creating my .rbz file (extracted files/folders, sent to a zip folder, then changed from a .zip to a .rbz) and that solved my issue. I didn’t change any of the files or folders in the .rbz so I can’t think of anything I changed, but that did the trick.

One thing that I did notice was that on safari when I went to the page to preview my extension update, I could not find the “Publish” button. I ended up having to use Chrome to actually publish my extension.

Thanks again for answering all my questions.