I submit my extension to EW 1 week ago and

Hi, the Team,

I submit a new release of my extension to Extension Warehouse 1 week ago (2020-12-09) and I don’t have any feedbacks. And submit stay “In queue” …

Should I worry ?


Maybe this topic van help you:

Thank you @tweenulzeven, but the publication process was successful. I recieved the following confirmation email just after submitting.

Capture d’écran 2020-12-17 à 12.18.54

Maybe it takes some time to process or they have a long review queue.
Also covid does tend to make things take longer.
Maybe @colin knows who to ping for an answers…

Edit: I guess @tt_su is the one you need.

It is also the holiday season which can also cause delay.


We’ve had a lot going on last week. Hopefully we’ll get through the review queue before the christmas break.


Thank you @ene_su !