Extension still in review (since March)

Hello all,

If possible, can I get someone from the extension warehouse team to look into my developer account (username: rkildare)? I submitted my first extension for review in March and it is still in review. Unfortunately, because there is a queue, I cannot get any other extensions reviewed until the first one is complete.

If my extension has been approved, can you push it through? Or if it is still in review, can you just reject it so I can submit the most recent version? Note: I submitted a listing and an extension separately (I made that mistake sometime over summer in an effort to get it reviewed), so if you could clear both from the queue that would be great.

Thanks in advance!

What is the name of the extension? “Individual Xray”?

Ah, found it. Something got into a weird state with the submissions. We had some problem a while back, which should be addressed now. But this fell through the cracks. Really sorry about that.

I’ll reject the listing page and get the other one reviewed.

Hm… something odd was still going on. I think we need to try with a new submission. I’ll reject both of them so we can get a fresh start.

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