Developer Warehouse - RBZ submission fails

Created a SketchUp extension (.rbz) but can not save or preview the submission after the upload. There seems to be no other way getting in touch with Trimble, so posting here.

Error message:
We have had a technical issue and your RBZ could not be validated. The administrator has been alerted and we will personally follow up with you shortly… or you can just try again. (Location: checkout)

Must note that the extension in question uses Ruby C API. I thought it must be runtime libraries, but after including these (msvc*100.dll) the problem still persists. The administrator that supposedly have been alerted a few days ago have yet to reply.

Any ideas?

It is a holiday weekend here in the US. Patience.


(Moved to Extension Warehouse category.)

Appropriate folks are now aware.


Many thanks - the plugin have been successfully published!

:frowning: <Post must be at least 20 characters> As usual, this is being handled… please don’t try too hard to be Debbie Downers on the forums, folks.