How to publish an extension on sketchup

Hi team,

Recently we have created the new extension using you SDK.

  1. We created an account on SketchUp.
  2. Registered to the extension warehouse as a Developer.
  3. Provide the company support mail and the company home page.
  4. Application is reviewed and we got the Approval via email.

We are attempting to upload the extension to the extension warehouse right now, but we have no idea how to go about it. Even though we looked everywhere, the support email was not clearly indicated on the website.

Please let us know how to communicate with the support staff for future assistance as well as the publication process.

Thanks & regards.

In the same place where you uploaded your extension, you will see your extension as approved. Simply click on the three dots that appear and select publish.

And please update your profile, If you have developed an extension you are supposed to use SketchUp Pro not Free

Hi rtches,
Thanks for the update.

I haven’t updated any extension yet, just created the extension using Sketchup SDK. Could you please let m know about the steps to upload the extension (I have one ruby file and one folder which contains the required DLL’s).


How do you know your extension works using the free web version of sketchup?

I’d imagine you need to package it up as an RBZ file as a first step
File: Extension Requirements — SketchUp Ruby API Documentation

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I understood you had an approval.

@Elmtec-Adam post the right place to have info. You have to apply here to upload applications.

I have one ruby file and one folder which contains the required DLL’s. How to convert this one to the .rbz

I don’t know how to do that with C.
Whith ruby you just need to zip the ruby file and the folder and change “zip” by “rbz”.
Both ruby and folder must have the same name. The resulted rbz should have the same name too.
Try that with yours

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I tried to sign my .rb file (by converting it to .rbz) using "Sign Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse"but I ended up with an exception.

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You need at least 2 Ruby files.

One at the “Plugins” folder level is a SketchupExtension registrar file.

The other is the “loader” file which goes in the extension subfolder and is loaded by the registrar file if the user has the extension set to load in their preferences. The "loader’ file would be the file that loads your DLLs.

Thanks for the reply. I tried the process of creating s folder structure and able to signed my “rb” file.

When I tried to use the same “.rb” file in my installer, in the SketchUp manger it shows the extension is unsigned. Here I am creating my own installer because I have two different directories where one contains the “.dll’s” and one is the plugin directory of the SketchUp.

How to use the signed dll in my installer?

You don’t sign rb files, you sign rbz files. If you modify the inside structure of the rbz file you lose your sign.

You don’t need to use a standalone installer, it just complicates installation for the end user.

Just use a RBZ archive and put the DLLs in the extension subfolder or a subfolder of the extension folder.