How to publish your own extensions?

You see.I want to publish my extension.However, this is unsatisfactory.

Ok this is my i find this.

download ,modify and upload.

The same error occurred.

Can you give me a template for the standard extension?
I would really appreciate it ! >.<

I would suggest you to read this:

Specially this part:

And, … you need to apply to be a developer …

Your RBZ archive, (the extension registrar script and your extension folder) should all begin with your developer name, not “extension”. (It is already implied that an RBZ archive contains an extension.)

You did not follow the instructions.
The name of the RBZ should be the same as your extension subfolder with a version number added. (You left the RBZ named “Basic”.)



but "Author" changed to your company name, and "ThisPlugin" changed to your plugin name.

The registrar script name and the extension subfolder name need to be this base name (without the version number.)