Invalid File Structure when my Submitting Latest Version

I get the following error when submitting the latest version of one of my Extensions. I have used both Win10 built-in zip compression and ‘7-Zip’ to create the ZIP folder with my extension, then renamed to a ‘.rbz’ file.

It has been 20 months since my last submission of version 1.0.8. My new extension (1.0.9) tests okay in SU2022.

Any assistance would be appreciated…

Our ‘export’ developers are on holiday, so I took a look at your extension and didn’t see anything too obvious.
You might try moving your Readme.txt and ReleaseNotes.txt out of the root folder (possibly create a /doc folder to hold them)
From the ‘Best Practices’ document:

  • Packaging: The Extension Warehouse only accepts RBZ packages. RBZs are simply ZIP files with a different file extension. We have some requirements for what must be inside your RBZs. Inside the root of the rbz package, we only allow a single ruby file that loads your extension, and a folder that contains the rest of your extension files.

NOTE: The folder must have a name identical to the ruby file (without the “.rb” file extension).