Load error

Dear friends,
I received following message from The Extension Warehouse Team.

Comment from the extension reviewer: Rejection: Load error. Don’t specify the .rb file extension. When encrypting the extension the file used the .rbe extension. By omitting the file extension SketchUp can find both .rb and .rbe files.

I load rbz file in my SU and it works well. I can guess what is my problem but for saving time, would you please let me know how can I solve problem? Attached you can see my rbz file.
maj_group_wall_maker_v0.0.1.rbz (5.7 KB)


You can exclude “.rb” in the file name when requiring .rb files. This way Sketchup can load the file even if the extension is encrypted and, and the file has turned into an .rbe file.

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extension = SketchupExtension.new UNAME, NAME+"/"+NAME+"_data.rb"

Do you mean this code? “.rb” was excluded. Should I change it to “.rbe”? or I should add same line just change rb to rbe?

extension = SketchupExtension.new UNAME, NAME+"/"+NAME+"_data"

is enough. SketchUp will check for both .rb, .rbs and .rbe files.


So why they rejected my rbz file? Would you please do me a favor and check my rbz file in attached?

If you upload an extension to Extension Warehouse and encrypt it (the default setting), rb files are turned into rbe files. The RBZ you have uploaded and shared here is not the same RBZ as we are reviewing and Extension Warehouse users would be able to download.


For the extension to load, please omit “.rb” in your file paths, or select no encryption, or both.


I do both and submit again. Thank you so much for your help.

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