Version 16.1.14## Could not find included file (*.rb/*.rbs)

after installing version Version 16.1.14## my plugin is not working anymore:
codeline in my main rb file:

ext =“Undet”, “undet/Undet.Loader”)
gives error on load:
Error Loading File undet/Undet.Loader
Could not find included file ‘undet/Undet.Loader’

i must specify extension for file to load it successfully (for example *.rb), but when i scramble filres to rbs then it is not working again

folder structure:
SketchUp 2016\SketchUp\Plugins\undet.rb
SketchUp 2016\SketchUp\Plugins\undet\Undet.Loader.rb

before maintenance update 1 everything was working…

Hmm… I can reproduce when comparing SU2015 vs SU2016M1. I’m logging this internally.
I managed to get it working by removing the period between Undet.Loader. I suspect a regression when we fixed another loading issue recently - we probably missed the scenario of multiple periods in the filename.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

ok, so plugin is broken because there is files with periods and stuff like Sketchup::require ‘undet/Undet.Imports’ is not working now, question: do you have an idea how fast you could release the fix or we must rename our filenames and release new version faster…

Maintenance releases to SketchUp is rare. You’d be better of renaming the files.