Try publishing extension

Hi all. Try publishing extension, and get error

I encrypt file, and test rbz - it’s work fully. But in panel, I get error. And how you see I check Encrypt.

Or i need load non encrypt RBZ, and system encrypt after publishing?

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The manual page …

Also the best practices page …

Extension Warehouse is quite bad at giving relevant error messages. This one typically means the RBZ doesn’t have the file structure we require to avoid clashes between extensions. Even if the RBZ can be installed and used in SU, it can still have one of these errors.

A valid RBZ should contain a registrar RB file and a support folder for it, both with the same name. E.g.:

- my_extension.rb
- my_extension/
  - All other files go in here

The extension also isn’t allowed to be already encrypted prior to being submitted for review.

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Wait! I replied to fast without reading the error message. Looks like EW is getting better at actually stating what went wrong.

As I said before, the extension must not be encrypted prior to being submitted, as that would prevent us from reviewing.


The problem was that I did not see these lines:

When you upload an extension to Extension Warehouse for publication, or when you upload an extension to our Extension Signing Portal, your extension goes through a digital signing process and an optional encryption process.

That is, I had to give an unencrypted archive and in publishing select, encrypt. And if I understood correctly, then now the system will encrypt the plugin as needed.

It turned out that I first encrypted it, and then I sent it back to encrypt during publication.

That is, after the first check, I send unencrypted and then I can send encrypted.

Or in the process of publication, the system itself encrypts?

You need to upload an RBZ that isn’t already encrypted, but can select on the upload page if you want it to become encrypted.