Extension submission denied: invalid extension is encrypted

I red the extension development best practices but i seems to me the extension i uploaded complies with everything:
Would somebody be able to explain what “invalid extension is encrypted” means?
thank you

The submitted RBZ file [which is actually a re-suffixed ZIP file] should contain a single RB file which sets up the extension and a single folder using the same name.
That subfolder can include RB files and any other files your extension needs, such as RB files, HTML, JS, CSS and so on [perhaps in their own subfolders]
When submitted it will be signed, and if you choose to encrypt it then the folder’s RB files will become RBE files.
You cannot include encrypted RBE files in your submitted RBZ…

that was the reason… thank you very much!
My extension has passed the test.

“you cannot include encrypted RBE files in your submitted RBZ…”

is much more explicit than

“invalid extension is encrypted”

Also remember to include in the main RB file code, which calls the subfolder’s file by simple name [without a filetype suffix], i.e. without an .RB suffix.
Otherwise it will work when testing, but then it will fail after encryption, when the subfolder’s files suffix become .RBE !


The main .rb file code calls another file (the loader) in the subfolder that loads the other files in the subfolder
i don’t encrypt the loader, so this code of the main .rb file always works:

ext = SketchupExtension.new ‘PLY demo’,

but since this time the code is submitted to approval, the loader might be encrypted and it might not work

In that case, i shall change the code in:

ext = SketchupExtension.new ‘PLY demo’,

Thank you for your advices; i learnt a lot from you

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