Extension Warehouse hacked?

Just now I signed onto the EW and selected to see all extensions by ThomThom. I got a strange banner as shown in the attached screenshot. Is this someone’s idea of a joke, or has the EW been hacked?

The hacker must have gained access to the source code of TT Lib (it leaks through the background).
I’m worried what happend to Thomas, is he doing well?

I recall that there is a developer that has a cookie payment option (jokingly) for his free stuff. If I recall correctly that is ThomThom. Scroll down on his bio page and you’ll see that the icon of many of his plugins/extensions are that of cookies.

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That’s always been at the top of Thom Thom’s page. Nothing hacked or anything. You’ll notice his “free” extensions are shown as cookieware, too.


So I guess it is his own joke, and he got me!


I fell for it once also. And I think he is fine and on vacation (last I knew.).

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I wonder how many cookies ThomThom’s cookieware generate. Of the perhaps 3 times I’ve met him I’ve never seen him eating one :open_mouth: .

Did you bring him any?

Hmm, I should have done that. From now on, every time on of us meets TT we give him a cookie :stuck_out_tongue:


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