What are the Cookie Monster banners at EW all about?

Just went on EW for a few minutes, and there was that “All your cookies are belong to us!” banner.

I’ve seen it at various sites including SketchUcation.

What is that all about anyway ?

Sounds like you have a virus or adware.

You were looking at ThomThom’s extensions, right? He’s used that phrase for many years. He lists most of his extensions as “Cookie Ware”. If you find one of his extensions useful, give him a chocolate chip cookie.

It has nothing to do with the cookies you’re thinking of, Dan.

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No it is a fake banner that Thomas Thomassen put at the top of his store page.

Had me going there for a bit. @tt_su why would you want to freak ppl out this way?

Thanks Dave. I got the joke, finally … but I still don’t think it’s funny. It makes a visitor think that malware has breached his browser and read all the cookie files.

It could be done differently… so visitors did not think something nefarious has happened. Like “Thom’s Cookieware” or something.