Extension Warehouse panda-monium


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This can Leeds to serious issues…

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For me EW works as normal. However yesterday there was a message in EW that it would be taken down for maintenance so maybe that was it.

Here we go again…
The “my TD Warehouse” page loads normally, but clicking for the download/views stats only results in a spinning wheel.
3DW has been temperamental for months now. Whatever the problem is, it seems to be unconquerable.

Up and running!

The topic was about the extension warehouse, but I see the issue in the 3D warehouse. Stats worked fine for me this afternoon…

As I’ve uploaded another model a couple of days ago, I’m curious to see if it’ll increase the activity, as uploads often do. Sure enough the downloads have spiked again, but I can’t keep tabs since late this afternoon, the figures posted on the UI having been lower than what the graphs show for a few months.

To be pedantic on two key issues…
Showing a lack of education or general knowledge…

A ‘Panda’ is NOT - and never has been - a “bear” - it’s more accurately “Ailuropoda melanoleuca” == “Giant Panda” [as somewhat poorly illustrated in its unrealistic multi-colors]"

And it is always “pandemonium” == ‘[the place of] all of the devils’ == ‘wild and noisy disorder, or confusion, or utter chaos or uproar’

Otherwise it’s ‘quite’ amusing, :wink:

Just sort out the problems and avoid these embarrassing fauxes passes…


It is good to have an alternative around, are the sketchUcation servers never down? :slight_smile:

I never said that :wink:
Usually, it only goes down from over use !

To be overtly cute is no excuse for inaction.

[quote: Abraham Lincoln: Article on the Internet…]

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