My model on some one else's warehouse page


I was just checking on how well my 5 nights at freddys pizzeria model i made was doing and i found out some one by the name of Angus f. has uploaded the exact model with a differnet name to his page. I did look in the credits and i did see his name in there as well as mine because he also put the characters i made in there as well. i would like it removed from Angus f’s page as i don’t want this on someone else’e warehouse page, and what can i do if i see something like this again.


Hi Mitchell,

There’s a “Repot Abuse” link on the model details page. You need to click that link and fill out the abuse report. Our support team will then take appropriate action, if warranted.

I hope that helps. If you have any trouble filing an abuse report, please let us know.


thanks for the help.


join us in this feature request, Model public but download blocked. problem like yours is what this option from “google age” all about…