It is legal to copy models in their own accounts?

Hi , I noticed that a user ( Stefano ) have created an account on 01.08.2015 , it has been downloaded several of my models and has added to its account , may be legal? It has taken over my work. Thanks.

Can you give us a link to your profile/model and then their model?

As long as they change the model slightly, it is not copyrighted:

I think your question may be covered in the 3D Warehouse ToU FAQ doc.

If you think the models are in violation of your copyright, you can click the Report Abuse link located on every model details page.

Can I download a model, modify it and then upload the modified model as my own?
Answer: Yes, but note that the unmodified version will still be owned by the original developer. The original developer will also continue to own any unmodified portions of the original model you include in your model.

Legal or not it’s definitely questionable and inappropriate!


…and more model!!!
This link is the person who copy my models.
this is me

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It does seem that they have not made any changes, sometimes it is hard to tell…Please click the Report Abuse link located on every model details page. Then we can take action.


I have reported this user
Thanks for your help

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Thanks for reporting it – good catch!

I’ve downloaded one of “his” models and the model info shows this author :wink: