Follow up: Creating Collections and Organizing models into Categories


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Thanks for your kind reply Mike! (I used to follow all of your fantastic SketchUp School episodes!!).
Anyway, getting back to the topic, I have sent an enquiry to the Legal Office as you suggested but would lik your point of view on this specific aspect.
Reading through other posts, I seem to understand that downloading other developer’s models, slightly modifying their geometry and changing textures, allows me to re-upload them to my Collection and publish them as mine??

Is this correct?
As already stated, I would be linking a web based service to a collection that contains other developer’s models upon which only some of the textures would be changed.

Thanks for your precious help


If this would be done with one of your models, how would you feel about this?


I’m trying to get some answers here and it’s probably because I’m imagining the same case as you that I’m asking…
In the Warehouse terms of use FAQs, at point 12 it is stated that you can download a Model, modify it and then re-upload it as your own.
I wouldn’t like that being done to any of my models just because someone claims ownership after having deleted a face or shortened a line!..

I would imagine that to be the owner of a model, one would have had to create it from scratch!