About "3D Warehouse Terms of Use FAQ"

Hello. I would like to modify the ‘3D Warehouse’ model and sell it for a fee. After color correction, texture change, modeling correction for broken surfaces, etc., I would like to sell 3 to 4 of these modified models as a pack. Will there be any problems based on 'term of use of 3D Warehouse’? :grinning:

Did you create the model in the first place?

You should get official legal advice before you do this.

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None of us here, as far as I know, are lawyers so our advice is worthless.

I know the pay sites selling 3D content are full of items originally taken from the 3D Warehouse.

Selling things you don’t have copyright over will open up a can of worms, even if it were allowed in the terms of use. Selling it won’t establish your own copyright to the item, so, for instance, can you prevent someone from taking the item and distributing it further? Putting it back to the 3D Warehouse?

It would be safest to deal with only your own creations.

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Besides legal issues that you may run into, I don’t think it’s ethical to sell a model you didn’t create, add some other stuff doesn’t make it yours.

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I am no lawyer and taking legal advice from me would be very foolish. However it sounds like reselling models would be “
impermissible aggregation” and violate the terms of use. You can research here…

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Thank you for all your comments!