Creating Collections and Organizing models into Categories


Hi, I’m reading through the user Licenses and trying to gather specific info with regard to the creation of a Trimble 3D Warehouse COLLECTION.
According to the licensing terms, apart from publishing and sharing my own 3D models, can I also create a collection, for example, “My Collection” and add links to other models published by other “Developers” and, in some cases, change the textures but without removing author credits?

I’m creating a web based service where colleagues can find SketchUp models reorganised according to Categories. Such service is FREE and simply links certain categories, ie. refigerators, lamps, cars, chairs, etc. to a personal collection that also gathers other users models.

I have read through the license and it seems that this is possible under the terms of point 21. Linking to 3D Warehouse, but no precise indications are given for the creation of a collection that simply re-organises models that were already published by other users and to which only minor changes would be added.


Generally speaking, you can certainly aggregate other user’s models into Collections on 3D Warehouse. And you can link to those collections from other sites (Per the terms outlined in Section 21, as you noted).

However, in response to any questions regarding your intended use of 3D Warehouse, I’m not able to provide legal advice or comment whether your intended use would or would not violate the Terms. The best path for having your question answered is to submit your inquiry via email to this email address:

That way, your email will be funneled through the appropriate channels.

Hope that helps.

Follow up: Creating Collections and Organizing models into Categories

Thanks for your kind reply Mike! (I used to follow all of your fantastic SketchUp School episodes!!).
Anyway, getting back to the topic, I have sent an enquiry to the Legal Office as you suggested but would lik your point of view on this specific aspect.
Reading through other posts, I seem to understand that downloading other developer’s models, slightly modifying their geometry and changing textures, allows me to re-upload them to my Collection and publish them as mine??

Is this correct?
As already stated, I would be linking a web based service to a collection that contains other developer’s models upon which only some of the textures would be changed.

Thanks for your precious help


Hi John,

Thanks for watching The SketchUp Show, and for the compliments :smile:

Thanks for forwarding your inquiry to Legal. That’s really the best way to get any kind of answer.

On our end, the only advice we’re allowed to give, is to read the Terms and seek council from a lawyer for interpretation. I know that’s probably frustrating to hear as an end user, but when it comes to Terms of Use, it is what it is…

I wish I could be more helpful, but the best thing to do is hope that our legal dept. is able to give you some kind of guidance, which they may or may not even be able to do.