Creating Catalogs to share with team

I’m wanting to create either a collection or catalog to share with my team to easily access models/components we always use. I’m not sure which one is best to use for this, and what’s best for sharing?

And also, I don’t see the catalog/little book icon under My Content. Wondering why that isn’t showing up and how I can access/create catalogs?

Are you talking about 3D warehouse?

Catalogues are for paid listings only I believe - you would be a manufacturer of products to have one.

Collections - you can share a link to a specific collection and then another user can like it or add that collection to a folder/collection of their own.

But if you are sharing common assets between a team, you may be better off simply downloading them and storage them in Trimble connect- these can be shared between a team or project members and they can open them straight up inside of SketchUp also.

It also means you can edit the objects and optimism them or remove any junk the model so you don’t end up accidentally with a problem model that ruins performance.

Yes, 3D warehouse.

Ok, makes sense about the catalogs.

I’ve figured out how to share a link for a component or model, but can’t find how to share the link to a specific collection.

basically I’m looking for the most efficient way to share the components I use often - I’m trying to figure out the point of liking/favouriting components and creating collections on my end if I can’t even share them easily with my coworkers. I don’t want to have to do all that AND add to Trimble Connect if there is a way to do it all outside Trimble Connect, if that makes sense. but open to suggestions on how to use Trimble etc to have a better workflow

Basic of internet browsing…

:slight_smile: I’m not using 3d warehouse on the web so there is no link to copy

It’s the same warehouse - log in here and follow the video above!

well no. not completely

The in-app warehouse has no direct link sharing possibility, you can only share to SUweb or school and it’ll share a 3d model page, but you can’t share the link to the model’s warehouse page or the collection you made. That’s what Melanie is asking for

The browser version on the other hand, can do that, simply by copying the address. but you’re not in SU anymore, so you can’t directly insert your models and materials of choice, you have to download and import separately. Download several models / materials, time adds up.

It would be nice to be able to copy the direct link while being in SU, and not having to fire up the browser, go to the warehouse, login, then find your model / collection again, and copy the link there.

Pretty sure it was there before, @TheGuz , is there a return of sharing a direct link to a warehouse page planned in the near future ?

Check this thread:

Hello Kyle,

I’m interested in exploring the catalog function in SketchUp 2024, but I’m having trouble finding information on how to activate it as a user or manufacturer.

➜ I have experience creating a catalog in the past as an example. I have a client who is interested in incorporating this feature as an additional touchpoint for their brand and customers.

I appreciate your guidance for this manner,


Hey Roko,
If you are looking to host models on the 3D warehouse, @TheGuz is the man for the job. You can host models as a manufacturer for a fee. If you wanted to create a folder on your machine of models, you could send them to customers and they could create a new collection in SketchUp, which just links that local folder to the component browser.