Extension Warehouse login to wrong account?

I just opened the Extension Warehouse from SketchUp, and the window opened already logged in to someone else’s account! Seems like a pretty serious security glitch.

This is still an issue?

I noticed it some weeks ago in the developer view of Extension Warehouse in the browser, but it disappeared before I could report it. I was able to see the website from another user’s perspective, but clicking any actions gave a “This action is not allowed” message. Back then, I came to the conclusion that it is a privacy issue (server cache serving wrong view).

PM me with details and we’ll take a look.

Sorry @Barry, I fixed it by signing out and back in and now I can’t reproduce it. I opened the EW window and at upper right it had someone else’s id. Since I rarely sign out, it usually opens with my id already there.

YES, this just happened to me moments ago. Did a google account security sweep, but nothing was off or odd. I caught the users name. If that’s even relevant. I’ll share that information privately for those that fix this kind of stuff.

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