Logging out of the extension warehouse and logging back in shows random users


I regularly log in and out of the extension warehouse and lately, whilst logging back in, the name and avatar shows up from a totally randomly choosen user?!?
When you click on a menu item (eg Myextensions) you are prompted to log in.

Sent me to wrong account

Your alter ego?


lately: @Bep :


I’m seeing the same thing when I sign out. I see another user there but can’t access any of their account settings, its just the name I see. I don’t want to name them here but it’s been the same one every time so far.


There have been ghosts on EWH, already for some time.


Hallo Jack,

In de toekomst heet iedereen Bep!



Nee, ik ben de echte Bep!

Beb 2.0


@endlessfix Welkom in “onze” toekomst!


Ja, wij zijn Bep.


Not fair! I want to login as Bep, too. :smiley:


Come brother, join us. Be assimilated into the Bep.


Feel free to do so, and join the bep’s
I’m going to design a flag, and composing an anthem soon.


Let’s all join the World Wide Bep!


Good Afternoon

I’ve just had the same issue. I logged out because when I accessed the Warehouse, I was presented with the screen attached. Not the usual Warehouse Interface. So, I logged out, and the user I was left with was ‘Jesus B’.

When I logged back in, it returned to the screen attached.

Is there an issue with the Extension Warehouse at the moment?

Kind regards



This does not need to be related to the issue this thread is talking about (a known issue).
If a website looks like this, the styles are missing. This can be a loading error, and when you reload several times it could also be a slow response or caching problem on the server. Have you reloaded it? Then the styles should come back.


Reloading by closing the window, and reopening it? Yes, and it is still the same.


Have you cleared your browser cache (Safari)? It is possible that when you close and open the window again, SketchUp hides and shows it without reloading. If that is the case, try also restarting SketchUp.

Also, the world-wide web was designed around 1989 to purely hyper-link content and information (rendered with a neutral style define by the viewing application, without distracting slowly-loading fancy styles that look everywhere differently). This is what it would look like!


Yeah, tried restarting Sketchup, still the same.

I didn’t realise that it used Safari.


It’s never happened before, so I’m thinking it’s some weird Gremlin. Maybe the wind is blowing the wrong way today.

Little frustrating as I can’t download the one I want.



Ok, so it was definitely some glitch with The Matrix, as it’s decided to work now.

Skynet will never take over, as it will keep crashing and need rebooting :wink:

Thank you for your help. Much appreciated.

Kind regards