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Hello Sketchup community,
So I have a question concerning sketchup pro and sketchup make. I had sketchup make 2017 and I had a bunch of extensions including SU Podium and all. I downloaded sketchup pro 2020 recently but when I open it I don’t have all the extensions I had for sketchup make 2017. Is there a way of transferring them to my sketchup pro since I already had them all installed? Below is the image of my sketchup make how it looks like.

Here is how my sketchup pro looks like

Each version of SketchUp installs as a separate program. The extensions aren’t supposed to carry over. Best practice is to install fresh copies of the extensions to make sure you have the most current version and to make sure they get installed correctly. If you like chasing loading and other errors, you can copy them but most people don’t like that sort of thing.

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Note: SU podium 2.5 won’t work with SketchUp 2020

Oh thanks for notifying me I wouldn’t have known otherwise. So lets say i get sketchup pro 2017 it still won’t carry over my extensions and podium?

So even if i had SketchupPro 2017 it still wouldn’t carry over my extensions or my podium is that correct?

No. Even going from 2017 Pro to 2020 Pro, it’s different programs/installations.

And if you’re asking about buying 2017 Pro, I don’t think they’d even sell you a license for it now.