[Extension] MoveAlignMe

I just published a new Plugin called MoveAlignMe (MAM) on Sketchucation. The first public release is MoveAlignMe v1.1a, along with LibFredo6 v12.1a.

MoveAlignMe (MAM) performs the move and alignment objects interactively. Objects can be Components, Groups, Faces (and surfaces), Edges (and curves) and Images.

It includes the two tools :

  1. Move-Pivot-Straighten, which performs a translation, folllowed by a free pivoting followed by a planar rotation. You can skip each step by a double-click and exit after a step by double-click.
  2. Move and Glue, which automatically rotates object(s) when moved over a target face or edge, aligning their blue axis with the face normal or edge direction. It also performs gluing and cut-opening for components, and since SU2021.1, for groups and images. The tool behaves similarly to the insertion of component instances from the Component Browser.

There are 2 short videos giving an overview of the tools.


Move & Glue

The 2 tools includes their own help in the Instructor window and a dedicated panel which can be invoked from the contextual menu. You can print it.


Awesome tool! Thanks!
I was just thinking about this missing glue feature 2 days ago, and Iā€™m glad you thought about it too :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your work