Installation Problem with Extension - "2DXY SlickMoves 3.0.0"


I bought “2DXY SlickMoves 3.0.0” through the Extension Warehouse.
I first used the Trial version (it was fantastic!), and after it expired I went to buy it.

I get the messages that say it’s installed, but yet nothing appears in any menu, and the new toolbar does not appear…
I contacted the developer, who was very helpful, but it seems the problem is not with the extension itself, and more with SketchUp. I have since contacted Customer Support, and am waiting for a callback.

Does anyone have trouble installing extensions?


I tried downloading one of this author’s other extensions and had a licensing issue. I’ve installed a number of other commercial scripts today with no problem. At this point I think the fix will be to wait for Customer Support to do their job.


The author has reported in other topics that he has suddenly started getting reports of licensing issues when he hasn’t touched the code . He’s trying to get the Trimble EW team to investigate.


For what seems to be a feature included in just about EVERY other major program – aligning objects to each other, or evenly distributing them in a given space – I am surprised it’s not included in SketchUp as part of the program.

While I wait for some resolution to this one, do you know of any other extensions with an “Align and Distribute” function – that works well and installs correctly?



I guess I’ve never had any problem aligning and evenly distributing components with the native Move tool.

A quick look in the Sketchucation Plugin Store turned up 2D Align and 3D Align as well as JS Align, S4U Align, Components Placer, and Components to Grid. In the EW there’s nz_Scale&Align, Align, Curic Align and probably more.


There are many extensions that do various versions of what you’re describing. For example:

If you’re distributing objects along a linear or polar array, those functions are built into to SU natively. You should make the objects you’re distributing a component and check to set or or reset the component axis to where you want it so when they’re arrayed or copied along a path, etc, they line up where they’re intended to.


I see the names of these other extensions, and will certainly check them out!
Assuming they work, I hope I don’t have the same installation problems.

With appreciation.