Extension Manager not working

Just updated to Pro 2018 and Extension manager can’t open. Only shows blank.
Tried reinstall and clean up history but still not working.
Any idea guys?

Did you install SU by R-click on the .exe installer file, and choose Run as Administrator?

If you didn’t, then do it again without uninstalling SU, and choose Repair.

SU doesn’t install properly, and exhibits all sorts of weird behaviour, if you only double click on the installer file, EVEV IF you are an administrative user.

If that doesn’t do the trick, you may need to update your graphics driver.

Thanks for your answer John. I did what you have said and the graphics driver is the most up to date one. But it still not working. I tried SU 2017 and the extension manager works fine.

Sorry, then I don’t think I have any more ideas about why it isn’t.

Your profile says you have Pro, so you should be entitled to support direct from the SU team. Have you raised a support ticket with them?

I’ve a feeling that the Extension Manager may still use the native browser (IE or perhaps Edge) on Windows 10. Try clearing the browser cache on both, then try again. I’m just guessing here, though. Some of the internal dialogs have changed to use the Chromium browser engine built in to the latest version of SU, but some still use WebDialogs and the OS browser.

Yes. I did. Thanks all the same John!

I have currently similar problem. For some reason respond time for extension warehouse for My Extensions listing takes too long.This problem came at same time to all my computers (with different locations and OS) and SketchUp Pro versions that I use. For some reason all installed commercial extensions have offered updates but I don’t have access to My Extensions from SketchUp or from web.

I have had this same problem previously. That time I had to create new user account since their database was corrupted. Support transferred all my licenses to that new account. Hopefully this is not case this time for both of us.

I have opened support ticket for my case few weeks ago. So far I have had varying instructions how to clean my local settings, change router settings and lately even how to send models to Warehouse (don’t know what that has to do with my problem… :slight_smile: ). If they manage to get this problem sorted for You it would be nice to now. In turn if they find solution for my case I post also solution or few lines here. Good luck!

Thanks bro. Good to know!

Now (after ~3 months) support decided to transfer all my extensions etc. to new account. Hard fix but everything is now working :slight_smile:

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