Extension Manager Is Blank

Hi guys!
i have some trouble with my Su 2018
i setup with “run as admin”
but extension manager show blank
Please Help me solve it

i use win 10 (x64), radeoan card, chrome as default, did try turn off DriveCloud, did try repair Su “run as admin”
hope you help some idea for helping
(from vietnam)

i check this property:

Did you mess around with other files in the program files, too? Changes location of files etc.
Normally, SketchUp uses a built in chrome version, Chromium, rightclicking in the Extension Manager Window will give accesss to the Dev tools, as well.
On very rare occasions, the manager doesn’t populate after a crash, but a normal restart will reset that.
Does the other windows populate? 3D Warenhouse

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Hi Mike!
i did not change anything in program files
this error happen in 3d warehouse also
I try re-install Sketchup, then there no error anymore
but actually, im trying find about what create this error
because it take a long time to reset everything in Sketchup workspace after reinstall
i search a lot of forum but nowhere have solutions solve this trouble
however, thanks Mike!
if you find out this trouble somewhere please note to me via email: ktsmin@gmail.com

It doesn’t look like you are signed into SketchUp [EWH/3dWH etc]
The bottom-left-hand corner icon is greyed-out ?
Once you’ve signed in it should be retained across sessions ?
It’s odd that you are not getting prompted to sign-in !?

You could try deleting the WebCache folder. For SketchUp 2018 that would be in this folder:

%AppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2018\

Quit SketchUp, delete the WebCache folder, and open SketchUp again.

Hi Colin
i tried do that, i deleted all of them
CClean my C drive
its still not work

Were did you download the installer?

When you say all of them, there is only one folder, what were the other things you deleted?

Hi Mike!
i use Sketchup pro 2018 installer from offical web
Hi Collin!
i did
Quite SU program, then, i deleted all files [in red circle]
restart computer and open Su
i saw it automatically re-create all of them

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