Extension Manager BLANK!


Seems like many have already brought up this issue, but I can’t find a single clear step-by-step solution to resolve this problem. Yes, it’s the Extension Manager coming up BLANK and I can’t find a way to get it to work. I have a Windows 10 OS, using Sketchup 2018, and everything seems to be up-to-date. Somebody please help, or perhaps a contact phone number to the Sketchup tech support team (I can’t get a hold of them by sending e-mails, and I’m running out of time/patience. Can’t wait indefinitely!)

Hey, Sketchup Team. I have NOT received your respond back yet. Please reply back so at least I know you’re aware of this post.



Hey Mike! I read your comment before and also tried UNINSTALLING One Drive. Disappointingly, that didn’t do me any good. Is there any way to contact the Sketchup tech-support team via phone or chat?


You might have gone through all of this already but these are the things I did hope it helps,

-Install the program as administrator and turn off windows defender or any anti virus software.
-Run sketchup as administrator.
-Allow sketchup or any file in sketchup that seemed related to extension manager through the Windows Defender firewall.
-Disabled one drive so my document, desktop and other folder are not within one drive.

These were the steps that worked for me. Hope it helps.


support: https://help.sketchup.com/en/contact/pro-support
I allready pinged @steve in the other thread, but @Barry might know something as well.


General contact is here: https://help.sketchup.com/en/contact I’m not much help off the top of my head on client or Windows, those contacts would be better.


Thanks, Mike.

Also, Barry, I already have my case reported to the Team. I just received a response back from James, but his method was nothing newer than what Mike had pointed out before (deleting the WebCache). I also tried reinstalling SU “as an Admnistrator”, updating my GPU (Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 & 770), updating Windows 10, and even deleted Windows One Drive. Nothing works. Seems like I will need a specific diagnosis by the Team (totally willling to go through remote assistance via GoToAssist, etc.)



One quick question: what version of Windows are you running, what are your language settings, and what version (language) of SketchUp do you have installed?


@Barry Windows 10, English, Sketchup Pro 2018 English version.


I was hoping I could somehow try to bring up the wrong language some how and make it fail… for example, I tried changing it to French on an English install, but the screen shows text in the upper left “Oh snap! blah blah blah”.