Extension manager blank screen

Greetings All,
when opening sketchup i recieve a notification that i have 3 extension updates waiting,

opening ‘extension manager’ shows which extensions have updates waiting,

clicking on any update returns “Failed to update …Unable to read extension archive.”

Is this a known issue with SU, or an issue with the path to the update or an issue with IE or other?

Co- incidentally when trying to update the ‘Lightup Tools’ extension i have discovered that clicking on any of the active buttons to uninstall or on the login icon or on the preferences icon causes the extension manager screen to go blank.

given that my main render ap is the Lightup extension and I cannot update or delete and reinstall any assistance on how to overcome this issue would be greatly appreciated.

I have previously had blank pop ups within sketchup, these have turned out to be certficate issues with win 10 and recent changes to IE and certificate authorization. The fix here has been to download all sketchup and trimble website certificates and manually install these in the certificate repository in IE. This has also automatically updated the certificates for google chrome. This resolved previous blank pop ups within SU…this was updated again but did not resolve the issue above.

Laptop - Metabox P65-67RSRP, i7-6700HQ, intelSSD 512Gb, 32Mb ddr, Nvidia GTX 1070 8Gb. - SU2017 PRO

apologies for the bold red text not sure how this occured.

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Regarding the updating failure, logout of your SU user account - click on your icon in the Extension Manager or the person icon down in the status bar. Then login.

It may be as a result of this forum using Markdown to interpret text input.

Did you start your lines with one or more hyphens? IIRC this causes the paragraph to display as a heading. If you wanted bullet points try an asterisk instead.

thank you for the suggestion, clicking on the icon to logout produces a blank logout popup
unfortunately the problem appears to be contageous…

Review of history confirmed that a Microsoft Update to Win10 ran last night, the problem has only arisen today.
Roll back of the update has resolved the problem with all pop ups now behaving correctly
Will interrogate the system to see if I can pin point the problem better and will post the results for all if the issue can be identified.

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