Extension List & Extension Management and other issues


I am wondering…Is there a way to re-arrange the EXTENSION list? I am on Mac and I would really like to see the list in alphabetic order from A-Z. My list is presently all over the place.

Secondly, If I have all of my extensions/plugins active thats one thing. I would maybe want to DISABLE some of the ones that I am not using. I have noticed that it does not remember this for the next instance of when I open Sketchup to work, either later in the day or the next.They are all back on and active.

I am also having an issue with my shortcuts going on the fritz. Even the simplest of them all seems to disappear on its own. The ‘Select’ key which is the spacebar. It just stops working for no reason.

Is there a way to say reinstall SketchUp over itself and not lose all my plugins? Maybe that would fix the issues or at least some of them.

Please send help ASAP!!!


Your profile doesn’t say what version of Sketchup you are using.

The latest version, 2018, isn’t supported on macOS 10.10.3 (Yosemite).

Running SU2018 on High Sierra, the Window/Extension Manager shows all my plugins in alphabetical order.

Could you either run an older version of SU in Yosemite (v2017 is the latest supported version on Yosemite), or upgrade the operating system at least to 10.11 (El Capitan) to support SU 2018?

You can still download older versions of SU, either Make (only 2017 - there is no Make 2018 nor will there be any updates to 2017 Make) or Pro versions back to SU 2016, from www.sketchup.com/download/all


I am running the latest and greatest version of High Sierra, along with the latest and greatest SketchUp Pro on a 15” MacBook Pro circa late 2015.


Perhaps you could update your profile with the correct information?


The extensions list you are looking at is Window>Extensions Manager? And that list is not in alphabetical order? Are you woking across a cloud or online storage platform? The space bar problem might be a Mac accessibility thing, happens to me once in a while if cntrl/fn/F7 gets hit.


The extensions should be alphabetically sorter after author (initials) and then name. Some extension names start with the author name which should make them appear better alphabetically sorted. Other than that it cannot be controlled.


Did you mean the Extensions menu or the list of menu items in the Extensions Manager? My list in Extensions Manager is properly sorted, but the list in the menu is unsorted and a bit of a mess when you have a lot of extensions installed.

If shortcuts other than space aren’t working then that’s a problem you’d have to look into. If it is just space then that conflicts with macOS’s built in shortcuts for keyboard control of the GUI. Change the setting to “Text boxes and lists only” in System Preferences / Keyboard / Shortcuts. This isn’t a good solution though as this is a preference that some users might want or need. Ironically, I have to turn it on to get around a bug in Layout that hides some of the buttons in the dialog so I have to use full keyboard access to use it. If you want to leave it at “All Controls” you have to press tab a few times (usually four) when you start SketchUp to get the highlighted blue halo over the select tool. If the wrong tool is highlighted you can open any of the buttons at the bottom left including “Sign Out” which happily signs you out of Trimble Connect with no confirmation and all you have to do is press the spacebar!

I’m using SketchUp 2018 on High Sierra. The spacebar clash has been going on for years.


Extensions are loaded in order but the menu item text may be different from the file name so it can appear they are out of order. An example from my Extensions menu. BoolTools 2 comes after Default Layer Geometry because the file name for BoolTools 2 is DM_BoolTools so it loads after Default Layer Geometry.


It is known that with High Sierra, Apple has changed some API in their new file system, and as a result, the loading of plugins in Alphabetic order is no longer guaranteed (for developers, the Dir[’*’] method returns a random order on Mac Hi Sierra. The Ruby loading by Sketchup has not been ‘fixed’ (noting that nobody really knew if the alpha order was an explicit requirement).

This has caused some issues for plugins that depended on the loading in alphanumeric order.


They’re not sorted by filename here. Not that sorting by filename would make any sense or make it any easier to find what you’re looking for.

I only have to look at the first two in the menu. Cleanup3 is 1st then Clothworks is 2nd. ams_ClothWorks.rb should come before tt_cleanup.rb alphabetically.

Edit: The extensions are being read from an APFS volume here.


No software should depend on the alphabetic order of the files. If one file needs another file to work, it should require it.


Thank you everyone for replying. I think this issue needs to be looked and corrected on several fronts.

  1. All App Plugins when submitted to Trimble for inclusion in Warehouse should be named with the programmers name first, and then the name of the app. Many do do this, but at least we would be able to keep a running track of whose plugin is whose.

  2. The plugins, which are always added on an as needed basis, should be I started into the pulldown menu in alpha-numeric order or in an order set up in preferences by the end-user. I hate hi ting and pecking for an addon and have g to read through a list to find it.

  3. Plugins could be then put into a categorical list by author, thereby creating an expandable pullout, I stead of having five different listings for Fredo6 or Eneroth.

I am not a programmer any more. It has been a long time so we I did any coding. Is there a reference guide that you or anyone recommends, that is user friendly and make it easy for me to start making my ow. Scripts?

I think these are things we need to look at for an update to releases for 2018 going forward.

Thanks again…


Helpful comment - thanks


Not at all what I am getting at. It’s an organization and visual thing. If you have 30 plugins added in, it would be nice for the listing of them all In the command bar pull down it would be easier if they were filed appropriately and not haphazardly.

It would also be great if you could deactivate some of them and have SketchUp remember what is on and off each time the program is opened.


What is this “command bar pull down” you refer to?


EXTENSIONS on the top bar.


Oh. The Extensions menu.

It would be nice if the extensions showed in the menu in alphabetical order. As I wrote before, the menu item text doesn’t always match the name of the file. I suppose you could edit the file names or the menu text to get them to show up in the order you want to see them. Otherwise it would be up to the authors to do that.


Aha! The place I almost always go first when I want to use the Extension Manager. Then I hit myself on the head when I remember it’s under the “Windows” top level menu!

Question: Why can’t the extension manager be added to the “Extension” menu - pinned to the top? Keep it’s appearance in the “Windows” menu as I can imagine no harm caused by having two pathways to the same place.


Now we are getting somewhere…

How do I edit that information to correct the issue at hand? I have done any coding in decades so be kind and go step by step please.

Now, regarding the PLUGIN MANAGER…
How do we get that to behave itself and carry some memory as to what we have active and disabled?

Your thoughts please…


I have successfully reordered my extensions list by opening up Library>Application Support>Sketchup 2018>sketchup>plugins. and renaming the files there. For example I put a Z in front of the Sketchucation folder and the Sketchucation.rb file. It now reads as Zketchucation in the drop down menu and is at the very bottom. Numbers should work too.

My disable and enable options are remembered fine from session to session in the Extensions Manager.