Finding plugins from the drop down menu



Hello folks,

I just wonder why all my plugins are listed randomly under View - Tool Palettes ? Should they not be automatically sorted after numbers / the alphabet? Perhaps there is some box that I have to tick to get this looking right, but I have not found it so far.


(NB: I am using Mac with SU2017 Pro)


Not all extensions show up in the Tool Palettes list. They need to have a toolbar/palette to show up there. The ones that do show are displayed in the order they load which is based on the extension name not necessarily the name that shows in the menu. Curviloft loads after Flex Tools because Fredo6_Curviloft comes after Flex Tools alphabetically.


Technically SketchUp uses something like glob which isn’t even specified to be ordered at all (though on macOS, it is).


I just want to point out that the SU-folks have actually managed to list the plugins in the (new) Extension Manager numerically / by the alphabet* (at least on my MAC). So there is hope…


The menu items are listed in the order they are created which in practice is the same as the order they are loaded, which is determined by their file names. Note that the file names are prefixed by the author name/initials which may not be included in the menu text. Sometimes the menu text isn’t at all the same as the extension name and sometimes the extension name isn’t the same as it’s file name.


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