Extension for slide

Hello, i would like to do slide in my project, but i cant found any extension for that. thank you for help

It really depends if there is an extension (or really need one), what does the slide mean here?

  • a structure with a smooth sloping surface for children to slide down.
  • a part of a machine or musical instrument that slides
  • a rectangular piece of glass on which an object is mounted or placed for examination under a microscope.
  • a sandal or light shoe without a back.
  • a part of a slide show

What do you mean?

  • a structure with a smooth sloping surface for children to slide down.
  • a structure with a smooth sloping surface for children to slide down.

You can model it without a extension, do you have an image of an slide you want to create?

No need to write 3 times…

There is no extension for that. You need to draw it yourself or search in 3D warehouse…

What level of detail/realism do you require? A simple low-poly model is easy to draw so I would be surprised if anyone made an extension just for that.

For example:

  • draw a curve for the surface shape of the slide
  • move a copy of the curve down by the thickness of the bed of the slide
  • draw edges between the ends of the curves to create a face
  • push-pull the face to the width of the slide
  • follow a similar process to make the side rails

I don’t know if you want the stairs and platform too, but they should also be simple to draw.

You could try this one: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/TzHa-Thm8BM

As others have said, no extensions required for this sort of thing. A profile, a path, and Follow Me are all you need.


hi thank you for this… i agree with you, for this you dont need extensions. I was thinking more about spiral slide!
thank you

Like this? Simpler, more complicated?

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It is possible to do it with native tools but with plug-ins like upright extruder or profile builder you can do it faster, the principle is the same create a path and a profile, you can also use a plugin to make an spiral faster, I use the plugin helix along curve.

You should have specified that in the first place.

That can also be done with native tools. If you want some extensions, though, Curve Maker can be used to draw a spiral path and Eneroth Upright Extruder would be a good choice over Follow Me. I used those tools last week to model this curved slide to show another SketchUp user.