Live Modeling Barbie's Dreamhouse (+ Challenge Poll)

This time on SketchUp Live, @TheOnlyAaron is using Match Photo to 3D model the Dreamhouse from the upcoming Barbie movie!

He’s going to attempt it with one arm behind his back (figuratively)

YOU decide his extra challenge:

  • No 3D mouse
  • Native tools only
  • No keyboard shortcuts

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Architectural Digest article on the Dreamhouse set

Join live for a full Match Photo workflow, and perhaps some sadistic fun as Aaron struggles through his modeling disadvantage :smiling_imp:

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I was thinking that it would be challenging to do the model blindfolded. Then I realized it would probably help.


“Rainbows in Mable-land have colors only bees and art students can see!” -Gravity Falls

All that pink is hurting my eyes! Maybe he could stick to clay modeling just for safety reasons?

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I think that modeling without any of the options isn’t a big deal, it will only take him more time to do it which could make the video boring.

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Hi Aaron,
for beginners (and possible not only) it will be useful to learn to create that two-level slide with native tools (without the help of Eneroth Upright Extruder), when Follow Me will not help them. In the same way, if in addition to the construction itself, you will also model the surroundings - chairs, inflatable pool floats, street lamps, palms, etc…

A ‘SketchUp Live’ to watch! Thanks!

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Model in wireframe mode.
And in 2d front elevation

Live now! 3D Modeling the Barbie Dreamhouse in SketchUp - YouTube


watch your hands near the edges :grimacing:

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Slide with native tools

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In Live it’s more difficult, the tutorial turned out well, thanks Aaron!

Slide with native tools v2


After some trying I managed to get the slide created using native tools. The secret was to turn pink off until the end in order to allow normal firing of brain neurons. I’ve posted it in the 3D warehouse. Search for “Barbie’s Pool Slide”
The proportions are way off, but it appears to work.

Randy Mennie

Very nice. That was basically the same method I used. Yours is a lot more graceful than mine. LOL. The secret seems to be getting the sections aligned in all 3 axis to butt up against each other properly.


Here’s my attempt. The images have names to explain the steps. Here are the file names, in case they don’t show up inline:

  1. mathing and stitching to make one segment
  2. smooth internal edges
  3. move copy to make 10 (misspoke, it was Rotate Copy)
  4. move tool to get them lined up
  5. group and duplicate
  6. more duplicating and lining up
  7. nearly there
  8. hide edges and profiles, make pink


Well done.

When I saw the spiral and the poll selection to model with only native tools, I thought, “I’m not that mean! I’m not voting for that.”

Leave it to the forum to pull it off anyway. Pretty cool.