Extension changed my Line style?

Hello All,

I’ve run into a small issue, that I have a feeling has an easy fix, but I can’t figure it out.

I’m using 2DXY Site Survey to draw out boundaries for a site plot. I finished the site plot and need to draw additional information, contour lines, existing structures, etc.

Now, any line I draw looks like a boundary line, a line with heavy weight with points at each end… I imported terrain, when I went to make contour lines, all my contour lines had thousands of points at each change in direction along the line.

As of now, I’m drawing everything on a separate document and I guess I’ll just import the Site Plot… to the new document…

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Update, Actually when I import the Site Plot, nothing shows up… It says its there in the tags, but its not visible.

Hello, it seems you have somehow turned endpoints and profiles on in the style panel.
Go to the style panel (if not shown, go to window > default tray > styles), then in the edit tab, then this button : (edge settings) :


and uncheck everything but edges just like shown in the picture above.

That is for your site plot file.

As for the other file you are trying to import it into, are all the tags visible ?
did you zoom extend (shift+z) after importing ?
can you upload your file so we can have a look ?