[2DXY_SiteSurvey] Changing Styles


I’ve been using Sketchup Pro 2016 for a while now with no issues, but recently everytime I launch Sketchup, whether it be from stratch, or an existing project, it always adds endpoints and an increased line thickness to my defalt style. I haven;t been able to figure out why its doing this, or how to stop it, but any suggestions would be appreciated.



Does the model get saved with the style changes ?

Makes me suspect a plugin.

(But the MR1 was also recent. But I have not noticed this.)

Are you using a custom style, or one of the standard library styles ?

Hi Dan

Thank you for your response, much appreciated.

Your comment about it maybe being a plugin got me thinking along the right lines. I recently installed 2DXY_SiteSurvey. I just disabled it and the problem went away. Pitty, because its a great little plugin. I will contact the developer and see if anything can be done.

Thanks heaps for your help.



Whoops, I just checked the 2DXY_SiteSurvey manual and switching on end points and profiles is an intentional feature to avoid dimensioning errors.

That’ll teach me for not reading the instructions properly.


It ought to be a checkable option in the extension’s menu. (Like you won’t always be creating dimensions. And the dev can use a ToolsObserver to detect when the DimensionTool is active.)

@barry_milliken_droid : What if the user does not wish these style changes in their print / plot output ?

I’ve been away on a trip so didn’t want to respond until I could remember fully what I did in the extension 2DXY SiteSurvey.

It’s crucial to the integrity of land surveys that the boundary elements (bearings and arcs) not be manipulated in certain ways by the actions of the user. When I developed a similar surveying tool for a different CAD system, I was able to automatically lock each newly created boundary against rotation and scaling and splitting while allowing it to be moved into position as needed.

In SketchUp the “Lock” attribute of each entity is all or nothing, so in order to allow moving I have to warn users (who read the help file) NOT to use the rotate or scale tool on boundaries.

The more serious problem is that while the SketchUp API allows me to set Sketchup.break_edges=false, the user has no way to turn it back on.

So the lesser of two evils was for me to turn on the style endpoints ( called “DrawLineEnds” in the API) so that the user would be visually warned that he has performed some action that has caused a break. (I do not, however, update the style.) Otherwise SketchUp gives no feedback of the breakage.

Since the user can readily see that line ends are turned on, and can easily turn them off, I judged this to be a reasonable tradeoff. (But it still helps to read the help file.)

Dan seems not to have tried the extension or understand surveys, so his comments are off point. For more info watch youtu.be/7M3B6Mu22NM