Drawing walls, why are they not clean?

I am drawing floor plans for a house. Why do all my lines whether I use the line tool or the rectangle tool leave these blotches (dark points at all the beginning and ending points?

I have seen it done in some of the utube vids and their results are clean?

its a style thing to highlight the end points, you can change the style through the window menu /Style then in the dialog , choose edit tab and turn off end points,

or use a different template


Thank you very much, I don’t think that I would have ever found that.

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Be sure to change the template you are using so you don’t have to change the style every time you start a new project.



Advanced users will often have a custom template, set up with several premade scene-tabs, using various styles.
That way they can have the end-points, profiles etc visible while modeling - these can be useful, but in another tab they’d have a ‘presentation’ style set so they don’t see them, or perhaps textures are ‘on’, etc…
Personally I also have an additional ‘TroubleShooting’ styled tab, which does not remember camera details -it displays in monochrome mode, with hidden geometry ‘on’ etc - this is useful for spotting reversed faces, non-orthogonal edges, rogue hidden/smoothed edges etc…


Toggling the view of Endpoints on/off is quite helpful in certain modeling situation.
Unfortunately, View/Edge Style/Endpoints does not appear in the shortcuts function list.

This handy plugin adds Toggle EndPoints to the Tools menu and to the shortcut functions list, enabling one to setup a keyboard shortcut to easily toggle the view of endpoints

Toggle EndPoints v1.0 by Arty2 — SketchUcation PluginStore