Line types styles

I use Sketchup Make 2016 and have been using various versions for years. The most noticeably absent feature is the ability to draw different line types - dashed, thick, dotted, thin, dimension, etc. etc Is there any “free” add in that will permit these various line types? Alternatively, I might be willing to pay for sketchup if I knew that this functionality would be included, but I cannot tell if that feature is included. Can you tell me if it is?

I most frequently use sketchup make to draw 2D drawings for woodworking projects for my hobby projects.



You could try 2D Tools from TIG

I downloaded the tool and installed it, but it seems to behave very strangely. Often when I point to a line and click on the line, the line disappears. I went through the tutorial and I think there is something I just don’t get about “setting the z-plane” How does this affect and existing drawing? Is it always necessary? What if I change it? Sometimes the tool seems to work well and other times, it just makes the line I want to affect disappear and sometimes it does not. What am I missing here? Do I first select the line and then select the tool?

My thanks to those who tried to help me.