Linetypes in sketchup with Profile Builder

I don’t know if this is the right category for this but. Maybe more like tips and tricks. I like to be able to coordinate my drafting line work right in my sketchup model. So I have a 2D layer for each my plans. I place line work on it. And if I want to dash in a window above the cutting plane so it shows up on a plan view without waiting till I get to layout and then forget.

I have TIG’s 2d tools and they are very cool and I understand how rudimentary this is but it works for me and someone expressed an interest so I’m just going to show it. Anyone with Profile Builder and a little know how can do this.lines%20with%20profile%20builder

I have my dashed lines all set to 42” vertical so the show up above countertops.


@Ccaponigro, thank you for following up on this. Out of curiosities sake, are you creating these on Layer 0? Or because they are already a component do you model them on a separate layer?

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This could be interesting for me but I am not sure I have fully understood it, possibly because I do not use Profile Builder (maybe I should!).

I do have 2D Tools and I do often use SU for 2D plans and elevations. Like so many others, I would dearly love to have linetypes built into SU.

I assume Profile Builder allows you to draw an ordinary line on the base plane but replaces it with a different linetype 42" vertically above it. Is that right? Is the line editable in any meaningful way afterwards?

I draw everything on layer 0. Then I move it into a group that has a layer assignment to control visibility. These come in as groups containing one or two components repeated in a sort of array. I place them on a 2D drafting layer for each level of the plan. In my case something like
“01 GPD FF Drafting”

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You have it exactly right. The groups generated by Profile Builder can be edited using all the path editing tools in PB. And they can be copied, moved, rotated, etc. using SU. They are not really lines but a group containing an array of components. I don’t think they have a significant impact on computer performance.

I have a small extension in SU that turns any line into a dashed line. It does that by creating a series of short lines and then grouping them together. It’s an excellent workaround to the problem but has drawbacks. You cannot stretch the line or foreshorten it easily and it cannot form the edge of a surface. If you want to edit it, you usually have to start again. Does PB allow more editing options?

The short answer is yes. I feel like I should say I have no stake in PB.

Are these available in the 3D Warehouse? Thanks!

No but that’s a good idea…I’ll put them up there.

Christopher F. Caponigro


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