"line weights"



I have recently upgraded from Sketchup pro 2015 to 2018. I have noticed the perceived “line weight” of edges is much heavier when modelling in this newer version, and I wondered if there was a way of altering this?
I appreciate it doesn’t have an impact on the line weights etc in Layout, it’s just I’m finding it difficult to differentiate between edges, especially when my camera is looking at a model from slightly further away than right up close.

Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated!


Go to Preferences>OpenGL and try changing the Anti-aliasing setting and/or the Use Fast Feedback setting to see if you get something more like what you are accustomed to.


Some of what you are seeing may be due to your style, as well. Check your Style window to see if Profiles is turned on.


DaveR, TheOnlyAaron, Thank you both, seems to be much better!


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