Sketchup 17 line weight

I don’t care for the heavy Axis,Guides and Edges in SU 17.
I’m using the Construction Documentation template and the Shaded with Textures style.
My Sketchup 16 opens with nice fine lines using the same settings. How can I get my 17 to look like my 16?

It looks like your Styles > Edge > Profiles in 2016 could be set to 1. The default is 2. Make the change in 2017 and you should be ready to rock :slight_smile:

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To what is your Multisample anti-aliasing set? I have nice thin lines in SU2017. In fact they are nicer than in SU2016.

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My first thought, too, but there are non-profile edges and the axis lines showing heavy, as well.

Thanks Guys,
Both 16 and 17 had the same Open Gl Anti Alias settings of 0 px
16 looks fine at this setting,17 has less jaggies when set to 4 px but the
lines are still much heavier.
Profiles are turned off in both.

An update: I installed 17 on another laptop at home and I’m still getting
coarse lines,axis and guides.
Here are my settings, SU16 on the left.

I just upgraded and notice that the problem is on my external monitor, but not on my MacBook. When I drag the drawing to the monitor, the line weights increase. The MacBook has a retina display, the larger external monitor does not. This is a PITA because I use the larger screen for my CAD work. I may just keep using 2016 until SU can come up with a fix.

When a window is opened, the line weight is based on the monitor it is showing on. If it opens on a hi-res monitor (like your Retina display), then the lines are heavier to account for the resolution, so dragging that window onto your external monitor will look like the lines are too heavy. Try this. open SU, drag the window from your laptop onto your monitor, close the window, open a new window. When I did this, the new window was using thin lines, on my monitor.

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Can I ask what resolution you’re using? I’m curious which resolutions(high dpi) are causing/having the thick lines. I’m looking for a new monitor and not sure what to choose: 2560x1440 or 3840x2160…

I use an iMac 5K Retina system (5120 x 2880). I sufficiently dislike the thick line weights (and large inference-point icons) in SU 2017 that I’m continuing to use SU 2016.

I wonder where the tipping point is for getting the thick line weights… Also, I wonder if using the 3840x2160 actually is a (big) plus in SketchUp…

I too use an iMac with 5K screen.

2016 wasn’t usable until I imported the larger inference point images found on this forum. That provided a good combination of fine lines and visible inferencing.

2017 on same screen with Edge setting Profiles = 1 is nearly but not quite as pleasant to use, but the inference points are now a bit too big for my taste. And I’d rather use Profiles = 2 but that looks very coarse by comparison. Anti aliasing hasn’t yet been reimplemented for Mac following the change to the graphics pipeline in 2017, but I very much hope either a maintenance release for 2017 or at the latest, an improvement in 2018 version fixes it.

The SU team say they are working to improve further usability on hi res screens for both Mac and Windows, but aren’t all the way there yet.

I still think I’d go for the highest resolution I could afford, and live with the minor drawbacks for a few months or a year

Using Dell laptop at 3840 x 2160 and 35" Dell monitor at 3440x1440.
No amount of tweaking fixes the thick lines.
Same problem on 17" Toshiba and co-workers PCs.
Sticking with SKP’16 for now,even though there a lot of nice features I’d like to try in '17.

I just upgraded to 2017 and noticed fat lines. Preferences/openGL 16x solved it but given my 8 year old computer I will probably get into trouble pretty quickly. line weight set to 1 pix.

Is there a solution already, its been about 6 months now, perhaps a upgrade orso?

I just upgraded to 2018 SU and at first the line weight was thick and heavy. But I followed a few of your advice to change the Profile in Style, Edit from 2 to 1 then it fixed it. Now the line weight is normal like it is in 2016.