Line thickness problem on SU 2021

In the past two years there have been at least two threads on this forum concerning SU line thickness on Mac OS screens. The problem is that lines are noticeably fatter—even with profiles off. I’ve just graduated from SU Pro v.8 to SU Pro v.2021 and there is a huge difference in line weight on my iMac screen. It’s so bad that I take my models I produced in SU v.20121 back to SUv.8 for any presentation I may want to make. Does this problem not bother other Mac users on this forum? Any suggestions?Comparison

it’s recently been talked about here Line weight in SketchUp

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I did see that thread but for some reason thought it was from a year ago. The subject has been well discussed but I see no crisp lines coming from Trimble in the near future. One thing that helps me is to significantly reduce (lighten) the gray scale in Styles>Edit>Edges>Color>All Same.

The crisp lines thing is a function of the graphics card and the display. If you look at the various benchmark sites you’ll see that the GPU you list in your profile is not a real high performer compared to other common video cards. You can make some adjustments in SketchUp’s Preferences>OpenGL and that would be worth a try.

It is also due to a Mac-specific (I think) change in SketchUp rendering technology introduced in 2017 or there-about. SketchUp Pro 2016 for Mac would draw edges (when set to thickness 1 in the Style) as 1 hardware pixel wide. On a 5K display, the result was super fine lines, glorious with a highly detailed model. Starting in 2017 (with the removal of SketchUp’s native software rendering pipeline), edges of thickness 1 are now drawn as about 3 hardware pixels wide on my 5K display (judging the weight by zooming the screen and looking at the anti-aliased pixel steps). The difference between 2016 and later is quite stark; I much preferred 2016’s rendering.


I’m sure you’re right, however, I have two iMacs sitting alongside each other—the old one is early 2009 (NVIDA GeForce 9400 chipset) running SUv.8 Pro and the new one is a recently bought iMac 2017 (Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 1536 MB) running SU v.2021 Pro. Were it not for access to the 3D Warehouse and extensions I would stick with the crisp lines of v.8 Pro.

Both can be accessed with a web browser.
Extension Warehouse
3d Warehouse

Different graphics cards and different graphics pipelines between SU8 and SU2021. In SU8 do you have Hardware Acceleration enabled or disabled?

I wasn’t aware of that. Thank you very much.

I wasn’t aware there was such an option and don’t know the answer to your question. It doesn’t appear in System Preferences.

SketchUp looks for the display where it starts and then determines the width (the primary monitor)
There was a script for older version to change the factor .
Not sure if it will work. ( keep a copy of the applications folder)