Exporting to DWG - imported .PNG files don't show up!


I have a dwg file that was created using autocad. I imported it into sketchup, marked it up and then tried to re export it into a dwg file.
There are things that I added to the sketchup file which do not show up in the dwg file. These items are all specifically things that I imported which were in the png file format when I imported them.

I created simple electrical symbols in paint.net and saved them as png files. I then imported these files into sketchup to mark my data outlets. None of these are showing up in the dwg file.
I also created text notes in paint.net and saved them as png files. I imported these files and Im having the same issues.

Everything else seems to be visible in the dwg file within Autocad.

Can anybody give me some advice please? Thanks,

Are you exporting from SketchUp or LayOut? 2D or 3D export?
Are your symbols used as images or textures?

Generally speaking, I don’t think that your workflow is such a great idea, especially if you need to result in a DWG file. Who is going to use it? Note that AutoCad stores raster images as external references so the recipient of your DWG files would have to also store copies of your PNG images in a location where AutoCad finds them.

I would make my electrical symbols as SketchUp components or LayOut scrapbook items and add text annotations in LayOut.

I was exporting from Sketchup. 2D. I also tried 3D
I am not sure how to answer the questions about the symbols being images or textures. The way that I got them into sketchup was with the " import" feature.
I think that you are correct; that using images is not a good idea. I am new to this…
I thought that adding a component would be a good way of adding the symbols but I could not figure out how to add my own components. I only saw where I can pick existing components.
Perhaps I need to learn how to use the components feature and how to add my own components.

The reason that I added the text as an image instead of a component was because when using the text feature within sketchup; it does not scale along with the rest of the model as I zoom and and zoom out.

The recipient would be the builder of the project. We received a blueprint of their building in a dwg format. I was to add our devices, and electrical requirements which we have been subcontracted to install.