Dwg import

I have and will continue to not Subscribe to sketchup PRO.
I have asked for five years to import text from a dwg 3D model.
They tout you can import dwg files but never, inform you that the program cannot import the text successfully.

It’s very clearly spelled out for those who want to know.


The following table outlines what CAD elements SketchUp does and doesn’t support. If an element isn’t supported, SketchUp simply ignores it when you import the CAD file.

Supported CAD Entities Unsupported CAD Entities
Arcs Proprietary ADT or ARX objects
Circles Dimensions
Entities with thickness Hatching
Faces Text
3D faces XREFs
Lines and supported Line Styles
Polyline-based solids
Nested blocks
AutoCAD regions
Raster Image

For your hobby use, SketchUp Free should suffice, though.

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I am aware of this, what I am looking for is to improve the product by making “text” a CAD supported entity.
Why hasn’t this been done??

Your first post just comes off as complaining not as a request to improve the product.

I’m not in a position to answer why it hasn’t been done.

Your post is basically a dump and run.

2 visits and 3min read time since joining in March, why not make some sort of effort.

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Truthfully, was complaining.
I really want PRO, but have a whole house electrical plan with a lot of text, for a circuit breaker panel.
Would love to be able to import this drawing in its entirety.
Otherwise, SketchUp is a unique and very good program.

Text can be imported into the LayOut application that comes with Pro. The problem with importing to SketchUp is that it has no text entity type that would correspond to AutoCad text or mtext that are texts inserted into the 3D model space. SketchUp labels and free text are objects that are positioned in relation to your screen. @TIG, if I remember right, has created a plugin that can import text from a DXF file. It probably converts it into 3D texts that are basically not texts but 3D models representing text with faces and edges.

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Interesting, maybe do a work around bringing importing only the dwg without text.
Then create a dxf with only the text.
Then import the dxf text to the 3D SketchUp file that has only the drawing and no text.
Just saying.

All that text doesn’t belong in sketchup. It belongs in Layout.

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