[REQ] DWG/DXF Text Import

CAD Drawing´s text can only be imported into Sketchup if you either explode it in your CAD package or importing text via a plugin that often requires a second file to be created. Neither should be needed.

Text should be imported as 3D text, exactly as @TIG 's plugin does:


Besides that, and ideally, Sketchup’s native 3D text should be editable as it is when you use @thomthom 's plugin:


We are loosing hours fixing a CAD import, using whatever plugins and workarounds we might have available, to ensure we can work with it. We should be working with the file it immediately after import instead.

If Sketchup is to be used professionally we shouldn’t be wasting time with this sort of stuff, when we have to deal with multiple engineers, with multiple CAD file revisions, everyday.