Import DXF/DWG text as label text

As in the title. Having no text in DWG imports is annoying. I know there isn’t a direct correlation between AutoCAD text entities and Sketchup entities, but we do have the label text tool which is close enough.

Having an option to import DXF/DWG text as text labels into SketchUp will:

  1. make reading dwg drawings easier without using another program
  2. give potential for text data to be used for automated tasks. For example, I get topographical survey data as points with text showing the height. If I could import this text, then I could progammatically generate a topographical mesh from these points, without going over each point manually.

I once wrote an AutoLisp routine that can take the location and content of a text object and draw a vertical line at the insertion point with the height as specified in the content. When impoered into SketchUp this forest of lines can be converted into a toposurface with the Sandbox from Contours tool.


Yes, I ended up writing my own plugin yesterday, using TIG’s code. It kinda works, but I would expect sketchup to have a native way of doing it. I am trying to move completely away from CAD, so I really need a way to translate DXF files more faithfully into Sketchup.

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