Working with cad in sketchup

Tried without success to import an autocad file into sketchup as everything was imported EXCEPT for text. I even tried Colour By Layer but to no avail. Help please!!!

If you really need the text, explode it in Acad to convert it to polylines, then import the file.

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Thank you very much.

There are also at least 3 extensions allowing to import, with more or less success, text.
Two of them are paying, Simlab DXF/DWG Importer and S4u ImportDXF and one free ‘T2H_2D_DXF_IMPORT’. This last one allows to import texts either as labels or as 3D Text. While it is possible to modify the labels, it will not be possible to modify the 3D texts. The rounding of the letters also leaves something to be desired.
Finally, some programs like pCon.Planner are able to import DXF and export directly to SketchUp, the texts are converted to faces.


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