Importing .dwg issues

I have been sent some designs for an extension on our house in .dwg format. I have imported it and can see that there are some comment boxes and dimensions, but these are all blank in SketchUp. Is there a setting I should be changing so that I can view it properly or is SketchUp just not really equipped for reading .dwgs?



You may have to explode the text in autocad before bringing it to Sketchup.

You could also try this suggested by another user on a forum post:

“The trick to getting 2d text in sketchup is to use autocad command
“CREATEHLR” command”

Thanks. The .dwg file has just been sent to me, so I am not able to do any formatting before it is sent.

By default, DWG will import in sketchup as lines.

Dimensions, hatches, text, all those things are not lines.

There are extensions out there that allow you a finer import, or you can use Trimble connect, the tool available to you with your subscription

more about it here

that way, you’ll keep texts and various things. and you have more control over the things you import (or not) despite not having autocad or a similar tool.

Sometimes you can use Layout instead. Open a new document and insert the DWG to read text. It’s hit and miss but it’s worth a try.

Or use a free DWG viewer.

Or even share the file here and maybe someone can explode it for you.